Andre J. Webb Presents at ALFA International’s GIG Economy Regional Seminar – 2024

April 15, 2024

This week at the ALFAI 2024 Gig Economy Regional Seminar Partner, Andre J. Webb will moderate a discussion on AI & The Legal Profession: Navigating Opportunities and Challenges. Artificial intelligence is not a new invention, but it may well be the most rapidly evolving technology, disrupting almost all sectors of the economy. This evolution offers both vast opportunities and risks at the same time. From a legal perspective, this presentation is intended to highlight the recent developments of artificial intelligence in three areas: corporate advice, litigation, and in-house legal counseling. Whereas corporate counsel may fear their replacement by more efficient software, attorneys with a focus on litigation might have to challenge their trust in images and videos, and in-house counsel might be able to hope for a much more efficient way to search and find data already available in the company. The panel will offer specific examples of AI tools that may ease the burden of litigation while also addressing the potential harms of the tools, including how the plaintiff’s bar is utilizing AI to assist in litigation.

Attorneys: Andre J. Webb