Products Liability

A core firm practice, at GGM we have extensive experience in product liability litigation, both through major carrier clients and through direct representation of large, self-insured manufacturers. Our attorneys regularly litigate cases involving an immense variety of products, ranging from the collapse of a huge ore bridge to claims involving micro-electronic technology.

We have represented manufacturers cases arising out of a multitude of industries, including aviation, agriculture, electrical utilities, construction, medical devices, and automobiles.

​In a products liability case, technical knowledge is a must.  We pride ourselves in developing the requisite technical knowledge to efficiently represent product and component manufacturers, distributors and suppliers. Our attorneys make themselves available on short notice to attend site and product inspections in order to preserve evidence and interview potential witnesses after an accident or mishap. We also recognize the value in retaining the best and most knowledgeable experts early on in the case and leveraging their knowledge to build the defense through discovery, depositions and trial.

The law on product liability is ever-changing and we keep abreast of the latest developments in order to leverage these for the benefit of our clients. We regularly write, speak and teach on product liability defense topics and have been involved in cases over the years that have changed the law in Pennsylvania and New Jersey on various product liability matters. Most importantly, we try and win big product liability cases across Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Our product liability clients have the comfort of knowing they are in the hands of some of the best product liability trial lawyers in the region.

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